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[10 Mar 2011|05:13am]
 where do people blog these days?? 
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it's been a long time [13 Mar 2009|01:35pm]
After partying hard every single week sing January 1st, I am finally done (almost). But at least I'm finally recovered from all the sleep deprivation.

A sampling of my last two months...

camera phone quality. love it. haha

and now im in Denver visiting my Claudia =D yay!


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Facebook's 25 Random Facts About Me [09 Feb 2009|09:05pm]
[ mood | awake ]

it was inevitable that eventually i would have to do this...especially when the time came when i would be just THAT bored. yea, that time is now.

  1. I played the piano for about 7 years (since I was 6), and I haven't touched one since I stopped.
  2. I'm an undercover geek--I love video games, I watch anime =X, I know html, I'm good with computers, and yes, I used to play Counter-Strike. The only reason I don't play Halo is because the boys don't have faith in me. Hello Guitar Hero!
  3. I love video games so much that for my 22nd birthday I got a Wii for my birthday and it was the happiest day of my life. And then the second happiest day was when my parents got me my DS for Christmas later that year.
  4. I'm the girliest girl you will ever meet--I collect makeup like it's going out of style (MAC and Sephora are my favorite stores), I have a growing closet full of dresses and the highest of high heels, and yes, pink is still my favorite color (though I'm partial to hot pink).
  5. I'm deathly scared of heights but roller coasters are fine, just don't try to make me go on Drop Zone -- I will make a scene, that's a promise.
  6. I have actually considered going to anger management. I have anger issues, specifically when I drive, I get crazy road rage. I once flipped off a cop in an unmarked car. Don't worry, I'm working on it though ;).
  7. Like Cindy, I blast Linkin Park when I'm angry. If I'm blasting music when you're in my car, I'm either in a really really good mood or a really really bad one.
  8. I was born to shop. Unfortunately I don't have the bottomless bank account to support it, any applicants to be my sugar daddy?
  9. My birthday is my favorite holiday. Don't mess it up for me or you'll forever be on my shit list. Forever.
  10. I'm hella allergic to cats. Don't EVER let me touch one! And if you do (because sometimes they're hard to resist), make sure I wash my hands ASAP without touching my eyes!
  11. I don't like people who are cheap and I don't like bad tippers. There's no bigger turn-off. Don't be cheap around me, we might not ever go anywhere together ever again.
  12. I love rap. E-40, Mac Dre, Too Short, Lil Wayne, the list goes on. I can't help it, I'm from Oakland. With that said, I actually like a wide-range of music. =) 
  13. I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty. Yea, stereotypical Asian. What can I do? Like I said, biggest girly girl you will ever meet.
  14. I love big cities. It's where I am the most comfortable. The suburbs scare me.
  15. Davis was a culture-shock for me. Seeing livestock still excites me like a little kid, ask Piyush. "OMG WHAT THE HELL WERE THOSE?!" "Sheep."
  16. I jump heart first into things. It doesn't always work out for the best. I should probably use my head a little more.
  17. No one buys as much bed linen as me. I have a crazy obsession with big comfy beds (don't ever let me find yours) because...
  18. I love to sleep. I have the easiest time falling asleep everywhere and anywhere, except, for some reason, my bed at 2am when insomnia hits. And yes, I'm one of those people that can sleep past noon.
  19. My dogs are like my kids. I talk to them like they can understand me...you never know, they might.
  20. I don't dance...unless I'm drunk. So you better be ready to shell out money for drinks.
  21. I have a really big potty mouth. It's not ladylike, I know, but I can't help it, especially when I get mad. I throw the F-word around like no other.
  22. I'm in ♥ with Pharrell. Marry me?
  23. I'm a hard person to make cry. Except when it comes to movies...for some reason sad movies almost always get me.
  24. I could watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 all day long...ALL DAY LONG. No lie. Those darn sextuplets make me so happy.
  25. I L-O-V-E cupcakes. I could eat them everyday for the rest of my life if I wasn't so worried about gaining a gazillion pounds. Red velvet's my favorite.

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HK for MAC [04 Feb 2009|10:31am]
[ mood | amused ]

Hello Kitty for MAC was AMAAAAZING! Amazingly CUTE!

and oddly sexy.

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OBAMA-RAMA! [20 Jan 2009|05:51pm]
[ mood | sick ]

sorry to all my friends!!! i've been reading everyone's lj posts (sometimes from my crackberry) but i don't always have time to go back and comment!! so sorry for being a bad lj friend!!

i'm pretty sick right now even though i originally thought my voice loss was just from yelling and alcohol (lol), but i know now that it was probably just the first sign of whatever it is that i have now. =( poop! piyush was nice enough to take back her shift today from work so that i could just rest and hopefully get better in time for my birthday celebrations this weekend! yay! i better not have this raspy ass voice anymore by then. my voice is coming back but it comes and goes... sometimes it sounds like its getting better, but then i would wake up the next morning and it would be gone again. arrggg. so frustrating talking and trying to get people to understand you, even the dogs.

i decided on just having my birthday in sacramento afterall, i had to let people know asap and in the end i just made a quick decision. it seemed easier and less stressful with the short time that i had to decide. my birthday's not a big deal, but i was just really stressing out trying to accommodate friends that live back in the bay and friends that live/work here and *sigh*sigh*sigh* i was just trying to make sure it worked out best for everyone but either way i would still be inconvienencing someone, so sorry now to all my friends in the Bay! i love you guys for putting in the extra effort and coming out here! =D LOVE YOU!

i saw on the news that it was free makeup day! wassup with that?? why didn't anyone let ME know?! LOL 

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quick update [19 Jan 2009|01:17am]
[ mood | okay ]

i'm stressing out trying to plan my birthday in san francisco this year.. too many choices... too little time to decide. (btw, thank you kristinthegreat  tfor giving me a few suggestions =), you totally saved the day!) so if anyone else has suggestions... suggest away!! and too much pressure to pick a place asap so people can plan out their saturday (totally understand but totally hating the limited time).

i've been having some work drama, minimal but still bothersome. and i was bitching up such a storm last night that i woke this morning to discover that i lost my f*ckin voice. greaaat. i do not love whispering loudly on the phone wishing that my mom could understand what i'm saying. my vocal cords are SOOOO tired from the heavy duty whispering i had to do ALL day long. UGH .

dim sum tomorrow! i'm super excited!

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Merry (belated) Chritsmas!! [30 Dec 2008|12:30pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Charles, Julia, Zoey, and Ziggy!!
(and yes, that is a present covering his private area... no need to show the world).

and yes, I finally FINALLY dyed my virgin hair.
my first time in my 23 years, and i decided to FINALLY get hot pink highlights that I've always wanted =). 
i know, it looks red, but really, it's hot pink.

and a "better" one of my new hair taken with my camera phone.


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m.i.a [17 Dec 2008|02:04am]
[ mood | amused ]

so one of my bffs (yea, i have 3, how lucky am i???) was having kind of a tough time... so Piyush and I booked plane tickets to Denver to see her.

we only went for 2 days... catching the red eye there Wednesday so that we would have 2 full days with her before leaving Friday morning to get back in time for our puppy class... but it was so worth it. we kinda just packed up and left, and just hearing the excitement in her voice was worth it.

this time Denver was all white and snowy and gorgeous. and we didn't really get to enjoy the "nightlife" last time (what "nightlife" there is in denver)...and she doesn't really get a chance to go out much since she's always working and when she's not, the only people she hangs out with are her bosses (all guys)...so we went out to downtown Denver. yea, downtown Denver on a Thursday really isn't all that crackin'. mm. yea. a little disappointing. and we weren't really dressed up... but who knew that girls wore like sweatshirts and uggs out to the bars/clubs?!! ok maybe it's a slight exaggeration, but it kinda was like that.

but it felt good just seeing her and hugging her and making sure she's ok in person =). so weird cuz when the three of us are back together, it's like things just pick up from where we left them last.

and as usual on the flight back, Piyush slept the whole way while I played my DS.

oh and since i last posted, i watched Twilight... like twice. Yea, I really loved it THAT much. I'm not ashamed to admit. i withstood listening to girls screams and "omg i want him" whenever Rob Pattinson came on, but you know... whatever, I just love it THAT much. and this is coming from a person who rarely likes to watch movies twice. i rarely even BUY movies. last one I bought was Sex and the City and that's just self-explanatory.

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[03 Dec 2008|03:24am]
lately it's been soooo cold that after a long day, i've been coming home and going straight to my cozy bed to get warm and stay warm. there's nothing like curling up with the dogs at the end of the night and watching tv... but since my cable's been lost, i found myself turning to my trusty DS again after months of not playing.

my current obsession is...

it's so simple yet keeps me entertained for hours lol.
since I have the R4 cartridge, I have an endless supply of games... crazy but intimidating when it comes time to pick one.
what has been your favorite so far?? 


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Thanksgiving came and went [02 Dec 2008|05:32am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving and an awesome Black Friday! Usually this is my favorite time of year, Thanksgiving is the perfect kickoff to the holiday season... but I don't know what it was this year, but everything was kinda blah. Even the Black Friday Sales weren't that impressive this year. And Charles, who usually gets TONS of clothes on Black Friday, only walked away with a small Macy's bag full =(. Sad. But I still very much appreciated the time off... it was so nice not having to work on a Saturday and Sunday for once. I spent the majority of it just spending time with my family and Charles family... and I FINALLY got a chance to go get an eye exam and replace my broken glasses.

onto the light shopping i did

spent the most money on underwear at AE and Victoria Secret.
AE had underwear 8 for $25 with an extra 25% off.
and I just really really love VS PINK underwear.
Ziggy's favorite thing to do is to jump into our hamper and chew up my underwear...thanks to him I now put my dirty undergarments in a separate place than all my other dirty clothes...hidden AWAY from him.

Sigerson Morrison for Target shoes 50% off!!!!
I've been going from Target to Target searching for those damn flats and when I finally found them they were on clearance!
I was soooo excited that I got the pumps too!

my mom got me these leather studded beauties
oddly enough I don't have a pair of black flat boots yet.
can you tell I have a thing for studs?? 
I've always been so into skulls and studs and hardware and all things black and metal and leather,
but now it's all the rage =(.
great cuz i have more options to shop.
bad cuz so does everyone else.

OH and MOST exciting?? 
we got new pillows for $6.99!
Ralph Lauren Extra Firm, Reg. $20.
now I NEVER want to get out of bed.

what I reeeeeeeeeally wanted was a GPS, but the best deal I found was part of a regular sale on the Costco website.

what were your great Black Friday buys?
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taken as i waited for my windows to defrost [24 Nov 2008|02:47am]

gorgeous isn't it?? 
i love it when the leaves change.
it reminds me of all the things i love about fall.
PLUS, i get to wear all my favorite boots <3.
the temperature has finally dropped to fall/winter temp =(, but at least the sun's still out and shining!
and we started using our fireplace again... love love love.
all things warm and cozy =).
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addictions: THE HILLS [21 Nov 2008|12:35am]
so in addition to shopping and makeup, i'm also addicted to TV. and aside from all the reg. good stuff... you know... Gossip Girl, Lost, Prison Break, Heroes... I am addicted to really bad reality TV lol...

I don't care if people think it's fake and staged...
it's the BEST FAKE REALITY TV SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's the best half hour of fluff ever.
I'm FINALLY all caught up... had to catch the episodes online since we still have NO CABLE.
Don't deny it, I know you watch it too.

and Heidi...
remember when she was so sweet and innocent? and then she went from...
granted she looks better, but i still kinda miss the sweet Heidi from season 1!
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creative block. [18 Nov 2008|12:00am]
[ mood | blah ]

i miss being creative.
i miss drawing on a daily basis for hours on end... as much as i hated it because it was homework and necessary..
i loved it. does that make sense? 
i hated it but secretly loved it.
you could see the passion and accomplishment in my eyes when i finished a drawing and danced around my house showing it to everyone.
maybe that's what i miss.
the feeling of accomplishing something i was proud of.

in other news... i have the flu
it's horrible. i got the flu shot but still got the flu.
yea, my immune system is just that bad i guess.
i hate being sick.
i've had it since saturday (out of nowhere after lunch).

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swoon [14 Nov 2008|02:45am]
[ mood | giddy ]

just finished Quantum of Solace.

um. damn you Daniel Craig.

you're one sexy mofo.

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i miss... [13 Nov 2008|04:02am]
[ mood | awake ]


our summer nights of Rock Band and Beer Pong and lazy bbqs.

(p.s. Bikram Yoga kicked my ass again... turns out morning classes aren't so great to go to...but still feeling good! YAY!)
love me

saturday night [09 Nov 2008|11:37pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

we went to a Pirate Party. yes, you read it right, a PIRATE PARTY.
and yes, that was the best we could do lol.
even then, we were in between. in between the extreme pirate-pirates, and the ones that didn't even try haha.

in other news, our cable got cut off...
i guess that's what we get for trying to bum cable off of our neighbors.
now we only get two channels --BET and the Travel Channel. WOW.
not even basic TV.
i have a feeling i'm going to be LJ'ing a lot more now!

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update on bikram [06 Nov 2008|11:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

it is fabulous for my skin. LOL!! something about the heat, the humidity in the room, the sweating... my skin is usually so parched and flaky in the winter, but it's feeling pretty good right now!! reminds me of when i went to china/hk two summers ago and my skin was the best it had been in a while!!

i am sore sore sore. and i know i'll be sorer tomorrow when i wake up. but i'm feeling good, it was easier today and went by faster (but i also got dizzier too =( ). going back again on tuesday!!

feeling good =D!

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bikram = INTENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [06 Nov 2008|04:00am]
[ mood | sore ]

so i decided to jump back into yoga, and since my friend was already doing bikram yoga, i decided to give it a try.


it was the MOST intense workout ever. it was INTENSE!!! what's the word for beyond intense? EXTREME?!! cuz it was EXTREME!!! lol.

for those of you who don't know, bikram yoga is basically yoga in a very heated room (think sauna), the heat is supposed to help loosen up the muscles. so can you even imagine the funky smell of a place like that?? yea, pretty damn funky. esp. when you're doing deep breathing exercises.

INTENSE. if you do decide to give it a try, you should drink like a gallon of water before and like a gallon of water after lol. cuz i have never sweated that much in my life. IN MY LIFE!! INTENSE i tell ya.

i was definitely sore all over the next day... and i'm getting sorer by the minute. BUT, i am brave enough to try it again tmw. so wish me luck. hopefully this time i won't feel lightheaded towards the end.

i have to go wipe my mat down with anti-bacterial now.

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happy but unhappy [05 Nov 2008|12:41am]
[ mood | awake ]

California really disappointed me this year with Prop8. I know it was pretty close, last I checked 53%yes vs. 47%no. We're such a liberal state yet we made such a close-minded vote. Damn it Californians.


Congratulations to our new Presidential Elect =)... yay President Obama!!

We just took part in history. Insane.

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it poured on halloween [03 Nov 2008|03:30pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

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